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Getting admitted to an MBA college is like achieving a coveted goal towards a bright future. I evaluated a series of consultants to work on my applications. The first step was securing a GMAT score. After 6 months of rigorous prep I was able to score a 690 on GMAT. I was quite sure that given the timelines at work this is the best I could do. Some very famous consultants handed me a to do list of affiliations to attach myself to and further stressed on achieving a higher GMAT score. At one point in time I almost questioned the validity whether I was fit for pursuing an MBA given the fact that I was given such a long list of to do activities, making me wonder about my qualifications.

From what I understand the applicants with poor test scores and low grades have very less chances of getting an admission ( which was not the category I fell in) but even the candidates with exceptional scores, grades  and work experience may fall short of an admission if the essays are poorly written or non cohesive. For most candidates, I believe the success of the application depends on how positively and vividly the application shows the exceptional qualities of the applicant. Passion, self knowledge and sincerity must show through the application effortlessly.

I am looking forward to applying to ISB this year to decide finally. So, to take the consultant evaluation forward, I was then referred to Shruti at www.goalisb.com for the process. What I liked about her approach is that the GMAT was evaluated as a number which added certain weightage to the process but it was not the end of the road for me. She did not ask me to run around for NGO or additional certificates but did a thorough discussion  on what was the differentiation I brought to the table. Repeated reviews were conducted to build the core of the essays. She was very persistent in collating the experiences I have had and we brainstormed for the parts which added depth to the application. The insights of the industry and the perspectives on the experiences to present the personality on paper is an art which needs a deep analysis by the consultant. The fact that she takes up limited applications per school helps her to focus and pay appropriate attention to the  process as required by the school.

Categorizing areas where a consultant could help:

  1. Avoiding exaggeration or sob stories. It’s extremely important that the essays don’t end up on the wrong side of the table.

2. Limited time or ability to write and rewrite eloquently.  One is expected to revise the essays again and again. The essays must be flawless in terms of grammar, punctuation and the fluidity of the message that you want to send across.

3. Convey the knowledge, goals and association to the school’s mission in the right tone.

4. Get specific about the questions asked in the essays. A lot of brainstorming is required for the essays to be precise in the goals they want to communicate. It’s a difficult job to paint a picture with words. It was entirely not my cup of tea for that matter to be able to do it alone.

5. Utilize the various sections of the application optimally for maximum impact. Planning the application needs a clear strategy of how to use the various sections appropriately. Every bit of information cannot be pushed into the essays. There is a right place for the right things.

6. Reapplicant strategy needs a deeper look.

7. Explanations to be offered in the optional essay. This essay usually asks for a self reflection since the last application and how one has grown as a result. This is a very tricky area to take care of by yourself. A professional’s perspective helps to address this region of the application.

To end it all, everyone does not need a consultant to prepare an application for them. However, a consultant is like a mentor who adds method to the madness to understand a profile and takes pains to make you successful.

This is where I found my consultant Shruti ( www.goalisb.com ) extremely effective, blatant at the time when it was required and inspiring me when I got jittery. As a mentor for the admissions process I have full faith in her process and execution for an honest application.

Tanvi Goyal

Very supportive and quality education. Teaching faculty is always available and highly motivated. Will boast you up in your ups and down and are very dedicated.(Excited to be a teacher) It is very economical too and if you are really serious about cracking the examination, you should definitely give it a try. Every single individual is taken care separately.

Nikhil Srivastava

One of the best coaching institute in Chandigarh Area with flexible timings for working professionals. Those who are willing to crack GMAT with 700+ score must visit this coaching. Supportive and motivating faculty having proficiency in both verbal and quantitative reasoning. They also assist in college selection and application framing post GMAT. 

Rituraj Bhardwaj

While filling out the admission application for any reputed institute, the biggest confusion one faces is not just what to write, but also how to write. The questions are often indirect. While sounding seemingly straightforward, the real ‘ask’ behind the questions is often inevident to the casual eye. The subtle nuances of filling out an admission application make expert guidance indispensable in most of the cases.

I have seen my peers face the same confusion time and again. Though they come from varied backgrounds and have different experiences, most of them faced this common but seemingly unsurmountable problem. In fact, some of them were even high achievers throughout their career but the application scared them off. Many just skipped the good stuff.

Enter the experts. So our mailboxes were bombarded by the experts. They all came with their ‘pre-defined’ terms, conditions and exorbitant charges. Rather than give clarity, this caused even more chaos. It always seemed like we were talking to a voice on the phone rather than an actual counselor. Finally, one of my friends referred me to this website GoalISB | ISB Application Assistance. We got into contact with the owners and found out that the place was being run by an ISB graduate and her husband who is an IIM-A graduate. The very first conversation convinced us that we were in the right place.

Let me describe my personal experience here. Mam and Sir engaged me in a casual conversation first and then slowly and systematically helped me dissect my entire academic and professional career. Out went the doubts and in came the correct answers. Alas! they were already there but I did not know where to look. With clarity, came the confidence. Our one-on-one sessions, casual discussions or mock-interviews, were a clinic in personal attention too. The best part is that they understood that I was a working professional with very limited time on my hands and therefore scheduled our sessions accordingly. Once ready, the goal was not hard to achieve.

After this, I have referred quite a few friends to consult them and none of them has ever come back complaining. Apart from ISB, they have also helped people prepare applications for applying to other management institutes in the country and abroad. If any of you is facing the same confusion as me, do visit their website GoalISB | ISB Application Assistance and experience the process first-hand.

Davy Jindal

Taking consultation is a personal choice. Someone who is absolutely clear on one’s goal and confident that they can articulate their thoughts well might not even require consultation. However, I feel like a good consultant can do wonders in framing ones essays and over all profile by guiding how each peice fits into the larger picture. I took consultation from GoalISB for my ISB application and without a shadow of doubt it is by far the best decision I had taken. Background info: I graduated from an average uni and had around 3+ years of work ex. I spoke to alot of consultants about my chances at ISB and all of them suggested me to add more years of work ex, switch jobs get into a more reputed company with a bigger brand name, clock in some some volunteer work etc. Just the usual things every consultant suggests. And even after that they said that ISB is a long shot.

Then I met Shruti from Goal ISB. The first time I met her I told her that I know my profile isn’t ideal for ISB but I would still like to apply and she said: you don’t have to have an ideal profile we will work on your profile and present it in the best possible manner. She asured me that as you long as I am clear on why I want to do an MBA I am sorted. Never once did she tell me to add more stars into my profile just for the sake of the application. Instead she focused on the strengths in my profile and showed me a way to highlight them. We created essays that were authentic and true to who I am and what I wanted from ISB and from MBA. Through the whole process she constantly guided me and mentored me to look deeper into my profile and bring out hidden gems that I never realised were there. Her approach is simple: she will not hold your hand and write essays on your behalf. Instead she will motivate you to write your own story and then help you refine it to showcase the uniqueness in your profile. For me the whole process was a learning experience way beyond just MBA application. The process helped me better understand my goals and expectations from MBA and ISB. I also consulted with Shruti for my interview prep. As usual she worked her charm and helped me in acing my interview and I am happy to say I’ll be joining ISB soon.

Had I listened to the advices of other popular MBA consultants I would have given up on ISB altogether. But like I said a good consultant can do wonders and it did for me. I cannot thank her enough for the constant support and guidance she gave me thoughout the process. I urge you if you are looking for consultation don’t just go for someone just for the sake of it. Go to someone who believes in you as much and in my case even more than I believed in myself, and then let them work their charm on you.

Akanksha Mehta

Thank you so much to Shruti Ma’am for helping  me with structuring my thoughts, which helped a lot to give out best of my abilities. Because of the interactive sessions, the long essays and writing answers to the questions turned out easy and even boosted my confidence for every interview. The extent of my gratitude goes beyond what words can say.

Vinayak Sareen