GMAT or GRE? What Will You Choose?

There are a number of entrance tests which open the gateway to the World’s leading academic institutions.  From the list of variety of entrance tests GRE and GMAT are two different types of tests which are taken by numerous students across the world.

GRE and GMAT – The difference between the two examinations-

GRE ( Graduate Record Examination) is the world’s largest assessment test for graduation admissions and business schools. Across the world there are 160 countries that hold this test. The GRE is an acronym for Graduation Record Examination. GRE is basically for the graduation admissions and it is much like SAT and ACT.

The GRE exam examines your critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning skills. It primarily consists of quantitative and verbal section after that there are sections of analytical writing with two essays. The time allotted for the exam is 3.5 hours. The GRE tests are the prerequisite to take admission in graduate programs abroad has the candidate who plans to appear for a graduate program in abroad should have appropriate GRE scores. Subjects that are included in test evaluate the candidates’ ability on each and every subject. It includes the areas like Mathematics, English Literature, Physics Psychology, Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry. The test is required to get admission in specialized programs abroad.

GMAT ( Graduate Management Aptitude Test) – The full form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test which is the prerequisite for admission in Master’s Program in Business. The difference between GRE and GMAT exam is the graduation programs and business programs they are accepted for by the admissions team.

The GMAT consists of an Analytical writing section of 30 minutes, Integrated reasoning section 30 minutes, Quantitative section of 62 minutes and a Verbal section of 65 minutes.

One thing which is common in both the tests is the results for both are valid for 5 years whereas rest everything is different.

There is a slight difference in the syllabus for both the tests. There are two sections of the examinations which can be compared that are Verbal and Quantitative.

A) Verbal Section of GMAT and GRE

A series of differences can be seen in the types of questions in verbal section of both the examinations. The verbal aptitude section of GRE examination has questions regarding the equivalent and relevance of sentence wherein the ability to grasp the meaning of the words, entire text, sentences etc. is tested. Next it has reading comprehension which checks your ability to analyse a situation and reason and in the end coming to a conclusion. The last section in verbal section includes the test that checks your ability to evaluate and interpret the information.

GMAT verbal section contains sentence correction, reading comprehension and critical reasoning. In sentence correction section your english grammar is tested. In the reading comprehension it again checks your analysing and reasoning skills by giving you a set of questions on a particular passage. Critical reasoning section test your critical thinking and the questions are based on your analysis and thinking.

B) Quantitative section of GRE and GMAT

In this section the course syllabus is the same for both the tests. It contains topics like algebra, geometry, arithmetic interpretation etc. A diversion occurs when the question is formed. The format of questions posed are different for both the tests. GRE divides it’s evaluation into four categories whereas GMAT evaluates on two broad categories.

Differences between both the examinations are-

  • GRE test is required for admission in mostly graduate schools where as GMAT is required in business schools.
  • GRE is offered in two formats – paper based and computer adaptive whereas GMAT is a totally computer adaptive test.
  • The verbal and quantitative scores in GRE vary from 130 to 170 whereas the overall score of GMAT ranges from 200 to 800.
  • Cost of GRE is $195 and that of GMAT is $250
  • In GRE students are tested on the basis of ‘Analyse an Issue’ and ‘Analyse an Argument’ whereas the GMAT students are tested on the basis of ‘Analyse an Argument’ only.
  • There is a difference between the quantitative section of GMAT and it is said that GMAT questions are more difficult than GRE.
  • For non native English speakers the verbal section of GRE is bit difficult where as the GMAT is having an easy verbal section.
  • GRE examination allows you to use the calculator where has GMAT does not.

GMAT and GRE scores are both becoming optional as the prerequisites for a lot of schools offering the MBA course. GRE is a smart choice for the students who are thinking about applying to dual degree courses. On a larger picture, GRE focuses on the Verbal and Analytical skills whereas GMAT tends to focus quantitative skills. GMAT required only one as severe as GRE requires two essays.

Which ever test you decide to take up give yourself enough time to think on your comfort with the test pattern for the best performance. For more info on MBA admissions and B Schools, check

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